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Chamomile Lemonade Iceblocks

Chamomile Lemonade Ice Blocks! My new favourite summer recipe. They're delightfully refreshing on a hot summer's day 🌞 Chamomile is also a beautifully calming herb with a subtle flavour.


1 + 1/2 cup chamomile tea

1/2 cup lemon juice

2 tsp raw honey

* Makes roughly ten ice blocks - depending on the size of your moulds

1) Firstly brew your chamomile tea for 5 minutes

2) Squeeze your lemon juice into a measuring cup, adding in a little pulp

3) Stir in the honey, adding the chamomile tea too

4) Stir to help the honey dissolve and pour into your ice block moulds. Freeze overnight or for at least five hours

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