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Nutrition by Jane

Completing a Bachelor of Nutritional Medicine (Bhsc)

Hi! I'm Jane and I'm SO passionate about inspiring parents to feed themselves and their families nutrient dense, nourishing whole foods, and providing practical knowledge and guidance so they feel equipped to do so. My focus is nutrition for fertility, preconception, pregnancy, post-partum and children. 

I'm a Mumma Just Like You

I became a mum at 22, and I'm sure this was because my passions always lay in nutrition for pregnancy, post-partum and babies - and what better way to relate and understand my audience then to have experienced this journey myself?! I'm very passionate about the way food can support individuals' and their families' health and energy, so that they can show up as the best version of themselves.  

Nourishing ourselves and our families can be an inspiring, empowering, affordable, time savvy experience. 


Work With Me

Do you have a business or brand that is in need of some nourishing recipes? I offer recipe development services. 

I am also a freelance writer on all things health and nutrition. 

Would you like to collaborate in any other way? 

Get in touch below! I would love to hear from you in regards to how I can add value to your life or business. 

I'll be in touch shortly!

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